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James Adams

A team program for NFC U16s which is designed around their games, training and education. This program will include strength and conditioning tailored the demands of football and youth development. Including strength, additional conditioning, mobility and specific training to improving athletic performance. All sessions are evidence based with rationals to improve your athletic ability on the field which will help you become strong, robust, conditioned and reduce the chances of injury.

Using resistance training for youth athletes is vital for their athletic development. You will increase Increase bone density, ligament and tendon strength, joint stability and muscle mass. These detailed strength exercises will result you being strong and robust on the football field while reducing the chances of injury.
Conditioning tailored around the season, keeping topped up during season, hitting mini pre seasons during the long breaks and optional sessions for athletes to complete to top up their personal fitness. Conditioning tailored around the demands of football and positions. Build the engine you have always wanted whilst peaking for your games.
Being strong is great but to excel in your sport your training needs to transfer to the pitch. That is exactly what this program will do, using ballistic and power movements to make you become explosive on the field in acceleration and top end speed. Deceleration is vital learning to stop and train muscles in full range is where we can aid turns and change of direction.
Mobilising joints and lengthening muscles may reduce injury rate, it will certainly help you feel good and recover faster. Reduce every day niggles and release tension. Mobility is a big part of this program in season and will be optional for every day with specific areas targeted to help increase performance on the pitch.
Access to your coach
I will be here everyday for the athletes to chat to me with any concerns and give detailed needs analysis on movements performed.
Programming 7 days per week
Daily strength, conditioning, and mobility sessions that’s accessible and specific to NFC season.
Exercise Video Guidance
Every movement and exercise prescribed will have a detailed coaching video of how to practice and execute.
Detailed, expert instruction
I will hold athletes accountable and provide the feedback when needed.
Committed Teammates
Through the app athletes can choose to communicate with one another and have contact to myself everyday.
Delivered through TrainHeroic APP
Sweating over a lifeless PDF is so last year. This unique app allows the athlete to feel like i'm right next to them in every movement.
Barbell // Dumbells // Bench // Squat Rack // Plates // Bands // Kettlebell // Medicine ball // Indoor bike
Bumper Plates // Exercise Ball
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready



Warm up 3 x

20 x ES Pigeon with row 10 x 90-90 Hip circles. 20 x ES T Spine Rotations 20 x Band Pull Apart with roll 10 x ES Reverse Lunge with slight load 10 x ES Cossack squat with load 10 x ES Single leg RDL


1 and 1/4 Back Squat X

4 x 6


Landmine press X

4 x 8


Half-Kneeling Anti-Rotation Hold X

4 x 0:30


Foam Roller GB X

3 x 8


Chin-ups X

3 x 8


Band Rotations X

3 x 10


Indoor Bike

500, 500, 250, 250, 100, 100, 100, 100

The time is now.

Athletic Youth development is vital to excel in football. Start training like you're elite and leave no stone unturned. This program will be your part of your life and have an elite academy feel. How do i know this? I have worked in elite sport and footbal

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Who is this training for?
Specific to NFC U16s.
Lifting weights for youths dangerous?
There is zero evidence that lifting weights with professional guidance has any negative effects.
How does it all work?
Once you sign up to the program you will see your weekly schedule tailored around the season and education.
How much contact do i get?
You will have access to me (James) through the app every day for any questions and video analysis of the prescribed movement's.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Jon Brown

Parent of Nicky Brown

Verified Athlete

"James is currently working with my two sons, what has impressed me the most is his attention to detail and individualisation to each program. I could quickly see the progress they were making."

verified-athlete-avatar Felix Allen

GB Hockey Development squad

Verified Athlete

"I have been training with James for almost a year now and have not only throughly enjoyed every session, but i have seen massive improvements which i have been able to implement into my hockey, making me faster, stronger and more agile on the pitch."

verified-athlete-avatar Annabel Cuthbert

USA Football Scholar

Verified Athlete

"Physically i feel much stronger and fitter than i did before, but i also feel more motivated and dedicated towards my goals. James is a great coach, putting a lot of time and effort into making my program specific for my sport, ensuring all adaptations are going to improve my game."

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