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Tactical / Military, Law Enforcement, Endurance, Triathlon
Blaise Henry and Stevo Ventimilia

tactical. strength. performance.

The infamous N831 Strength and Conditioning program is back.

Most recently, the OFFICIAL gym of the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation in Monterey, California, N831 has been home to some of the most elite athletes on the planet.

We work with Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, AFSOC, CAG, and MARSOC, to name a few.

Our unique training program implements the foundations of periodization, while creating a safe and challenging training regimen for even ALL level of athletes.

We have been known worldwide for our prowess with the various Concept 2 machines, which are therefore a huge part of our program. Want to improve your Concept 2 performance? You've come to the right place.

Our History
Founded in 2013, n831 has helped some of the best athletes in the world achieve their fitness goals. The OFFICIAL gym of the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation in Monterey, California, we have specialized in tactical fitness for athletes of all ages and abilities.
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Concept 2 Rower or Skierg // Barbell + Weights // Bench // Squat Rack // Dumbbells // Pull up Bar // Jump rope // Box for Step ups/Box jumps
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Sample Week
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coach-avatar Blaise Henry

Founder/Head Strength + Conditioning Coach n831 - World Ranked Concept 2 SkiErg/Rower - Strength and Conditioning Coach to top active duty Military personnel - Indiana All State Basketball High School team - College Athlete - Indiana University - Exercise Science

coach-avatar Stevo Ventimilia

Current instructor of Adapted Physical Education/Strength and Conditioning Coach at Monterey Peninsula College. Former S&C coach at university of Hawaii. Certified Strength and conditioning specialist.

Our promise.

Staying fit, healthy, and looking good. The best community in the world.

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Can anyone participate in this training?
Basic levels and knowledge of fitness are required. We have an amazing community and can modify any exercise or movement you might need!
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar MAP


Verified Athlete

"The n831 programming has allowed me to remain a part of a community of competitive athletes no matter how far apart we are."

verified-athlete-avatar CM

Information Warfare Officer

Verified Athlete

"The leadership, programming, and coaching at n831 is second to none."

verified-athlete-avatar Lali B.

American Open Qualifying Weightlifter

Verified Athlete

"I have been with n831 since 2014. Some of my greatest memories have been with this team."

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n831 tactical
n831 tactical
n831 tactical