Move with Your Cycle: Training by Rock Hancock in TrainHeroic

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Rock Hancock

You are a cyclical being, your energy, hormones and needs change week to week, month to month and year to year. Your physical activity needs are no different. 

This program follows a framework using the four phases of a woman's cycle* to guide physical activity week to week. 

Menstrual Phase

  • ​Focus is restorative.
  • Movement: breath work, ground movement and walking

Follicular Phase

  • ​Focus is building. 
  •  Movement: low volume strength and power work

Ovulation Phase

  • ​Focus is high energy.
  • Movement: aerobic and anaerobic endurance

Luteal Phase

  • ​Focus is skill building.
  • Movement: complex movements and their progressions.

Utilizing Natural Movement® based workouts participants will be able to engage with the appropriate workouts for each phase. The program is designed to help individuals improve their overall physical capabilities by working with their cycle not against it. 

Not only will you get curated workouts from our coaching staff you will have access to community options like messaging and discussion boards. Programming will change roughly every 12-16 weeks emphasizing different skills and movements.

*Each woman's cycle is different. This program only serves as a guide not a prescription for every individual. 

5 sessions per week
Must use TrainHeroic app to view and log training
Team Training
All equipment is highly recommended. If you need a substitute just ask coaches.  BodyweightSandbagsMedballsKettlebells​BarbellPlyoboxesVualting surface (boxes // bars // benches)Long pull-up bar (swing set bar or monkey bars)Mat2x4s or other surface to balance on
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Sample Week
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Move with Your Cycle
Move with Your Cycle
Move with Your Cycle
Move with Your Cycle