Empower Strength & Conditioning Program

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Maddy MacKenzie

**Because it's already hard enough to get to the gym, it shouldn't be equally as hard to know what to do. ** Welcome to the Empower Strength and Conditioning Program, a comprehensive, science-backed plan to help you move better, feel better, and get stronger.

What You Get:

3 days per week of full-body resistance training to build strength and endurance. 2 optional days of mobility, core, and aerobic work to enhance flexibility and cardiovascular health. Access to exercises, rep schemes, and videos to make your workouts effective and easy to follow.

**Why Choose Us? **

Maximized Gym Time: Our programming ensures every minute counts. Each session is crafted to deliver the best results.

Stimulate Muscle Growth: Designed to help you get stronger, feel better, and look better.

Community Support: Track your progress and join a community of like-minded individuals for motivation and support.

Weekly Updates: Stay on track with regular updates and tips. Core exercises remain consistent to stimulate muscle growth, with fresh content to keep your routine engaging.

Try it for Free!

We’re so confident you’ll love our program that we’re offering a free week trial.**

Build a Solid Base
Kickstart your fitness journey with a program designed to build your base strength. This phase focuses on essential exercises to prepare you for more advanced training!
Customize Your Schedule
Our program offers flexible training plans with 3, 4, or 5-day full body trainings. Perfect for fitting into your busy lifestyle, allowing you to stay committed without sacrificing other priorities.
Evidence-Based Workouts
Leverage the latest scientific research to optimize your workouts. Our structured weekly plans ensure you stay on track and make consistent progress toward your fitness goals.
Strength, Wellness, and Fun Combined
Our comprehensive approach combines strength training, mobility work, and conditioning to help you move better, feel better, and become stronger. Enjoy workouts that are not only effective but also fun, keeping you motivated and excited every step of the way.
Unlimited Access to expertise
Holding you accountable and providing the feedback you need to grow and improve.
Programming 5 days per week
Daily strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for all athletes, boosting full-body strength and endurance.
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your sessions and make execution easy. Precise cues to help you nail your movements!
Detailed, expert instruction
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
Committed Teammates
A dynamic community that inspires you to reach your full potential.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
With our app, your coaches and team will push you harder, know you better, and keep you motivated longer.
Barbell // Dumbbells // Kettlebells // Rack // Medicine Balls // Elastic Bands
Cable Machine
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Maddy MacKenzie

Former elite-level athlete with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. Currently completing a kinesiology degree with plans to pursue a career in Physiotherapy, focusing on women's health and pelvic floor therapy. Passionate about helping others move better, feel stronger, and achieve their fitness goals.

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Empower Strength & Conditioning Program
Empower Strength & Conditioning Program
Empower Strength & Conditioning Program
Empower Strength & Conditioning Program