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Emma Wallace

Do you have the marathon booked but don't feel strong enough to complete it? Or maybe you go to the gym, but if anything it’s making your legs MORE sore and you’ve got LESS time for running… THIS ISN’T RIGHT.

We have the solution. We are excited to guide YOU with the mobility, strength and activation exercises needed to improve your running performance and help mitigate injury.

It's 3-4 sessions per week: 1-2 main session (30-60mins), 2 mini pre-run sessions (10-15mins). The plan is designed to go alongside your running plan, supporting your development as an athlete in a holistic way. It'll taper in time for the big day, leaving you feeling refreshed yet strong.

Training will run in 4-6 week blocks: 1. Foundations 2. Strength & Power 3. Injury Prevention & Maintenance 4. Race Taper

After the big day this plan will roll over to a 'Deload' period where you will work on mobility and maintenance exercises. In this period your coach will message you to discuss your next steps such as a free trial of our "Running S&C" plan.

You don’t have to do a lot of S&C to succeed, it just needs to be effective. 🔐


Why Do Strength Training?
Marathon Running is a demanding sport with each foot strike generating 1.2-3x bodyweight through the lower limb over a prolonged period of time... Strength training helps to keep the body more resilient and ready to take this kind of pounding! It is also well know to... - Improve Running Form - Increase VO2 Max - Improve Anaerobic Function - Improve Body Composition & more!
Programming 3 days per week
Full & mini strength training sessions that is accessible for marathon runners of any level or background looking to improve their performance.
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Committed Teammates
Join fellow Marathon Runners who are also striving to improve their performance.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
All sessions are delivered directly from the Train Heroic app, free to download to your phone and simple to use.
Resistance Bands
Dumbbells // Kettlebells
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready


Crocodile Breathing

1 x 30


A-Walk Running Drill

2 x 30


Dead Bug - Core

2 x 5


Bilateral Jump to Landing


Box Goblet Squat

3 x 8 @ 7


Towel Row

3 x 8


Incline Push Up

3 x 8


Double Glute Bridge

3 x 8




Complete 3 rounds of the circuit. Rest 1min between rounds. 1. Bent Knee Leg Raise (3-4 RIR) 2. Plank (stop approx 10s before failure/loss of form). 3. Psoas March (3-4 RIR)



Prone I, T, Y

2 x 3


Child's Pose Breathing

1 x 30


Bird Dog

2 x 8


Wall Accelerations

2 x 4


Russian Step Up

3 x 8


Seated Banded Row

3 x 8




Complete 3 rounds of the circuit. Rest 1min between rounds. 1. Banded Clam (3-4 RIR) 2. Side Plank (stop approx 10s before failure/loss of form). 3. Swiss Ball Dead-bug* (3-4 RIR) *You can also place a foam roller here. It is used as a prop to "crush" between contact points to encourage you compress your core.

coach-avatar Emma Wallace

Emma has been a qualified fitness professional for a decade. Her career began as a PT and has since evolved to see her specialise in Strength and Conditioning and as a performance coach for endurance athletes. Emma has also applied her skills in various settings such as NHS Physio and Neurorehab.

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Do I need to be a member of a gym?
No. All of the workouts are designed so that they can be done from home using bodyweight or easy to get hold of equipment. However the gym is a great place to keep you focused on your sessions so we always recommend it! There is always the option to progress exercises to gym equipment too.
Will it make me muscular and heavy?
This is not a bodybuilding program, it is not designed to make you put on mass or large amounts of muscle. This is a Strength & Conditioning plan designed to make you a better & more resilient runner. Professional runners perform similar S&C and how many of them look like Arnie..?!
Is it just core & squats? I already do that...
S&C involves a lot more than just core & squats. We will work on your upper body strength to improve running posture; do plyometrics to make your stride more efficient; lower limb capacity to help mitigate injury and much, much more.
What equipment do I need?
Resistance bands are needed. As you get stronger you'll need to add load. If you don't have dumbbells/kettlebells, substitute with 'odd objects' that are of a similar load e.g. bottles filled with sand for the lighter exercises & a loaded backpack or large 5L bottles for the heavier exercises.
How long am I tied in for?
You can join or leave the plan at any time, this is managed in your app. After the big day the plan will roll over to a 'deload' period where you will work on mobility & maintenance exercises. In this period your coach will discuss your next steps such as a free trial of our "Running S&C" plan.
Where do I find this on the Train Heroic App?
To purchase the plan search "Manchester Marathon" in marketplace or Join on the tab below. Once you have signed up, you will find the plan on the "Training" tab on your app. A dot under the calendar date signifies there is a session planned.
Can I move the sessions around to suit my running plan?
We have designed the plan so the sessions have adequate rest between them, but you can perform them on any day to suit your schedule. The "Pre-Run" sessions can be completed multiple times a week to boost performance.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Jess Gray

Marathon Runner

Verified Athlete

"Team MoveStrong has been incredible from start to finish. I would not have been able to do this without their support. It is such a great feeling knowing someone is out there wanting you to achieve as much as you do (and more!)."

verified-athlete-avatar Aldina Robinson

Endurance Athlete

Verified Athlete

"After speaking to coach Emma I realised I could get back to where I was after an injury. I have an amazing coach, so supportive and encouraging and I can see progress. I can see myself getting back to where I was but stronger!"

verified-athlete-avatar Laura Cable


Verified Athlete

"I always used to feel tired when I ran... the longer the distance, the more my joints hurt and the more my form deteriorated. Since I introduced MoveStrong S&C I feel stronger, I'm able to go further and I enjoy running far more."

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Team MoveStrong: Manchester Marathon
Team MoveStrong: Manchester Marathon
Team MoveStrong: Manchester Marathon
Team MoveStrong: Manchester Marathon