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Nick Urankar

Do you want to be a monster with a barbell, lift heavier, and cycle a bar with ease? Sounds legit! But how? I remember sitting on my stairs after my family told me that what I was doing didn't make sense. But, it mattered to me.

And there wasn't anyone I could lean on and ask for help. So, I learned, pushed, and focused on getting better.

Now I see people having the ability but not having the right guide. I mean, how do you follow a strength program, how do you learn to move more efficiently, get stronger, while still doing other activities you love, not take time away form them, and have the ability to do them at high levels.

Here's how, Zeus Barbell Strong! A program I designed to get ME strong and now it's your turn! Not only teaching how to move a barbell for reps better then anyone inside CrossFit. The best part! I will be in the app with you to post details on how to maximize the program, chat, and review videos you post.

This is not only going to guarantee to get you stronger, more confident in your lifting... but allow you to have a coach as you need me to make sure you understand and learn exactly what to do!

Let the lifting begin!

Personal Video Review
Want to be helped more then you currently are by a Pro? I felt the same, and now want to give you what I never had right in the app! Post videos in the app for Review and Coaching from me!
Real time messaging in app
I get messages you post directly sent to my phone so you can chat when you need help, or want some coaching. This is a game changer as strength training, progressing, and understanding add up to more than a post of a workout. You have me to learn the fundamentals to really developing your lifting numbers as well as how to attack your training day to day!
Feel You Have More to Give?
Maybe you didn't realized how strong you could actually get, or you were able to lift well, but now you want to find out. Having a Powerlifting Program, Olympic Lifting Program along with training both with cycling and volume training is now your game changer. Reaching a new level in your strength and training is here, and I will guide you the whole way!
Access to your coaches
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
Programming 4 days per week
Olympic Lifting 3x a week Powerlifting 3x a week Barbell Cycling & Volume Training 3x a week
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Detailed, expert instruction
Detailed coaching as you need it and internal app video review
Committed Teammates
A vibrant community that will keep you pushing to unlock your best
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Your coaches and team will push you harder, know you better, and keep you going longer, all through an app.
Barbell // Plates
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Nick Urankar

5x CrossFit Games Athlete and 2019 CrossFit Games Champion 35-39 Age Group, Nick is known for big lifts and physique while maintaining high levels of fitness. As a competitor he was know for being the strongest out on the floor by focusing on technique and proper strength progressions in a systematic way that he now wants to teach to you!

Don't Wait Any Longer To Get Stronger

Getting people stronger is my specialty! Join and chat with me to see how I can help make it happen faster!.

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How Much time does it take?
The program is 3x a week for each specialty and is designed purely as a strength and Muscular endurance and volume training program. You can do all of it in 4 days in about 60-70 minute or choose to follow parts of the program you need to improve most in.
Who is this for?
This is for beginner to advanced lifters looking to improve strength, technique and confidence in their lifts. This includes Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and Pulling, squatting, Pressing, and Olympic Lifting Volume Training. All you need will be able to be accessed inside the app!
What if I am not a great lifter?
This is where the program is so much different, you can post videos of your lifts and I can help coach you right inside. Plus as the community grows we will begin coaching calls to help make sure you are getting exactly what you need. This is a game changer!
Can I do additional workouts?
Yes, this is all you need to get stronger and improve. It is designed around you being able to add in your own cardio, crossfit, and hiit workouts while allowing you to get stronger doing so.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Marc Jersch

CrossFit Competitor

Verified Athlete

"Since working with Nick I have improved my strength to new heights and my technique is getting so much better!"

verified-athlete-avatar Scott Tetlow

CrossFit Games Athlete

Verified Athlete

"Nick helped me fix my lifting form by breaking down the olympic lifts. The coaching cues he gave resulted in allowing me to feel more comfortable and confident under heavier loads. All my lifts have increased!"

verified-athlete-avatar Shota Mochida

Crossfitter / Weightlifter

Verified Athlete

"Nick helped me improve all my strength numbers and gain confidence through his coaching and focus on the details!"

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