FAST Performance

Joel Raether

This is a 6 week preparation program designed to help improve overall full body strength and conditioning to help you prepare for your next hunt.  This also includes stress and situational shooting activities so you learn and improve on shooting under pressure and situations that help you improve your ability to hunt harder, longer and smarter.  

Designed by professional strength coach and NSCA 2020 Professional Strength of the Year Joel Raether who is an avid elk hunter and outdoorsman.  

4 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Team Training
This program requires basic equipment like Db's // Kb's some bands and a bench are helpful.  However this program provides a multitude of modifications and options for the user to adjust with in-home or creative resistance options so that this program can be done nearly anywhere.  This is a very adaptable and catered program to fit the needs and demands of preparing for your next big game hunt. 
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Sample Week
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H3O DIY Prep
H3O DIY Prep