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Chelsey Tharp Quirk and Courtney Hebert

Our goal is to lead our community to a healthy and wellness lifestyle, teaching and proving Buff IS Beautiful. We want to empower our members to become strong and independent, take control of their own life, and make positive decisions based on what they want. Since 2016, GGB has been helping women, of all ages, become a better version of themselves not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. We help them embark on a journey of finding what it means to be BUFF. "When women feel confident about their bodies, their worthiness, and their intelligence, they can go into the world and express themselves without intimidation."

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or continuing the path to living a healthier lifestyle, Girls Gone Buff will encourage and motivate you to reach your goals. Join us, remotely, on this incredible platform to improve not only your health but reshaping your perspective.

This program is all bodyweight and is for all fitness levels.

Benefits of bodyweight exercises.
1) They're effective - get your heart going as much as any run. 2) They're both strength and cardio. 3) Zero excuses. 4) No equipment needed - You can do them anywhere, anytime, removing the “excuses” barrier from your workout routine. 5) Results - Compound movements that engage several joints and muscles with each move while keeping your heart pumping for cardio and fat loss.
Women Coaching Women.
We as women understand the needs of intensity regulation, and the struggles and frustrations that come with hormone fluctuation. We will eliminate the confusion and keep you moving throughout the entire month.
Being a Strong Ass Woman.
You won't need your creepy neighbor to help you move your fridge.
Programming 3 days per week
Daily strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for all fitness levels. Added Bonus Day of Core Workouts.
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Girls Gone Buff Community
Girls Gone Buff is a women's community that will keep you pushing to unlock your best. We encourage our athletes to engage in a positive environment.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
GGB will encourage and motivate you to reach your goals. Join us on this incredible platform to improve your health and reshape your perspective.
While it's all body weight movements you may need a chair/stool
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Sample Week
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Warm up


10x knee to chest + figure 4 10x Alt Lizard stretch 10x Alt Hip rotations 10x cat/cows 10x kang squats 10x scoops :30 Calf Stretch Warm up demo video below Also, check out the message board group. We can chat directly with each other. Post workout photos. Let's keep each other motivated and consistent. And if you have question about anything.

Cardio Circuit:


Body weight for the week: EMOM x 30 1) 4-6 burpees 2) 8-12 squat jumps 3) 12-16 alt lunges 4) 30 alt high knees 5) rest Do recommended reps in the minute. Try to keep reps within 45s so you can have 15s of rest and to get ready for the next movement. Each movement is in its own minute. You do 6 rounds of everything HAVE FUN!!!




Warm Up

10x knee 2 chest + figure 4 10x alt Lizard stretch 10x hip rotations 10x Cat/Cows 10x kang squat 10x Scoops :30 Calf Stretch each

Core Challenge


5:00 Plank Hold *every time you break do 20 Jumping jacks (then get back to where you left off.)

Cardio Circuit


AMRAP 21:00 30 mountain climbers 200m run / or 1:00 jumping Jacks 10 box jumps / or step ups AMRAP= as many rounds as possible in the 21:00 time




Warm up

10x Arm Swings Forward 10x Arm Swings Reverse 10x Scap Push Ups (knees under shoulders) 10x Plank Walk Outs 10x Prone W, T, Y (thumbs up) :30 Lat Stretch Each 10x Wrist Circles Demo:

Work Capacity


150 Flutter Kicks 100 Plank Toe Taps 80 Alt. Lunges 60 Glute Bridges 50 Chair Dips 40 Leg Raises **Every 2:00 do 10 Push Ups Beginners: Reps 100/90/80/70/60/40/30 ** 5 Push UPs




Core Blast 1 (PBC)

4x 50 bicycle crunches 40 Russian twists 30 dead bugs 20 plank jacks 10 hollow tucks Rest

coach-avatar Chelsey Tharp Quirk

Owner of Girls Gone Buff and Parish Barbell Club. Certified USAW LVL1&2. Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

coach-avatar Courtney Hebert

Coach and Gym Manager at Girls Gone Buff. Crossfit Level 1 Certified and Personalized trainer.

Buff Is Beautiful

Yes, no equipment is needed, but that doesn't mean these workouts wont push you or challenge you. You will get stronger, you will feel confident again, and you will be a part of the best community, right from your own home.

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Girls Gone Buff Bodyweight
Girls Gone Buff Bodyweight
Girls Gone Buff Bodyweight
Girls Gone Buff Bodyweight