Fusion Sports and Performance

General Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Martial Arts, Field Sports
Matt Noonan

A program designed to help build strength and move better! 
A 4 Day per week program focussing on compound movements with some isolation/body building sprinkled in. 

Can be donw by a garage gym warrior or someone just looking to get stronger and move better.

The Fusion Strength and movement program is designed for someone who is busy and looking to get the most out of their training, we look for a minimum two days each week and then work to more where possible.

Can be a great compliment to someone who does other things like martial arts, recreational field sports or just having to run around and play with the kids!

There is not only movement instructional videos but a daily breakdown video to let you know what your intention should be for each and every session!

4 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Team Training
Barbell // bumper plates // squat rack // Kettlebell and DBs as a minimum. Preferable - Pull Up bar // rings and any other equipment you can get your hands on!
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Sample Week
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Fusion Strength and Movement
Fusion Strength and Movement
Fusion Strength and Movement
Fusion Strength and Movement