FLH Training

Functional Fitness
Christian Rivas

FLH Training is a functional fitness program made to assist people achieve fitness goals. Whether you have access to a gym or you're doing it a home, this program eliminates any excuses for not being able to get a workout done. The "I don't have a gym" mentally is not an excuse with this program. The program is for everyone! From beginners to advanced athlete. The MISSION is to bring you a program you are able to access from anywhere at any time with ZERO excuses!!

We have designed a...

GYM VERSION:  This is for anyone with access to a gym with heavier weights and barbells etc.

HOME VERSION: This is for anyone doing the workout at home, work, hotel or anywhere with minimal equipment!

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Team Training
GYM VERSION: Barbell // pull up bar // box // dumbbells // kettlebell // sandbag // cardio equipment and anything else available in a full gym.HOME VERSION: Dumbbells // kettlebell // jump rope // box and anything else you have or use to modify. YOU DON'T NEED MUCH!
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FLH Training
FLH Training
FLH Training
FLH Training