Fit 4 Life: Training by Kyle Donsberger in TrainHeroic

Impulse Athletics

Kyle Donsberger

This is a program designed for anybody looking to stay active or start to get active and start at the gym. The workouts are full body and designed to take 30-45 minutes to make it easy to follow and quick to do. There are videos for all exercises so even the most beginner can follow along. There are also modifications built in that will allow you to do the workout with what you have available whether that be a barbell or dumb bells!

The week consists of 3 full body workouts and also include a mobility session each week to aide in recovery!

3 sessions per week
Must use TrainHeroic app to view and log training
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BarbellsDumb BellsBenchSquat RackPlate WeightsPlatform
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Sample Week
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Fit 4 Life
Fit 4 Life
Fit 4 Life