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My goal with Norman Elite Training is to provide a workout program along with motivational messages for your everyday human being. As we all know life can become hectic at times and trying to find a balance can be a challenge. By you clicking to join this family we inspire to motivate you to live your life to your greatest potential both physically and mentally.

Studies show that around 25% of adults are battling with some form of mental issue and 42% are obese. Here at Norman Elite Training LLC., we combine the mental aspect of training along with the physical to cultivate a dynamic experience for you to partake in.

We pride ourselves on not only providing a quality on-line training service where you'll have video tutorials on exercises you may not be familiar with performing, but also weekly motivating encouraging words that'll help you cope with daily life encounters. If this group sounds like something that you could benefit from then we'd love for you to be a part of our community.

Let's Get Back on Track!
We all know life can be challenging at times trying to find your balance. Let me encourage you to become a better person mentally and physically. On the app we'll chat about the programming, share some photos, and discuss life! It's a fun experience and we value all our members and treat you as part of the family. See you on the inside!
4 Workouts Per Week & Encouraging words
3 days of strength and conditioning that only takes around 60-75 minutes. 1 day of dynamic training that only takes 30-45 minutes. These workouts are tailored towards helping you burn excess fat and build lean muscle. We'll also have Motivational messages and quotes before each workout to help keep you encouraged. *Message me on the app if you'd also like nutritional help.
Let us help you look & feel your best!
Whether you're in shape, out of shape, or somewhere in between, WE Got You! Our training can be leveled up or down depending on your current level. You also have the ability to message me anytime with questions or concerns!
Professional Guidance from Marrio
Ask fitness/mental/nutritional questions and get immediate + detailed coaching responses from 1 of the best coaches in the industry.
Programming 4 days per week
Effective, fun workouts + motivational gems to help you feel and look you best. This will only take up 30-60 min/day
Mental Exercises
Encouraging words and quotes to help with everyday life situations.
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to give guidance on exactly how to execute your exercises.
Detailed workouts & Workout Guidance
Our app is loaded with instructions, demo videos, and workout tips so you know exactly how to follow our workouts + perform exercises correctly.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
We offer our service through a fully functional app. This app is user friendly which makes it easy to view, track, and keep tabs on your gains.
Dumbbells // Squat Rack // Bench // Resistance // Bands // Basic
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar MARRIO NORMAN

Marrio is a mental/fitness coach with a formal education in sports management and is also a former NFL, AFL, CFL Football Player who since has been an industry leader for 15+ years. Marrio has helped thousands of men take back their power, fall in love with their body, and be unapologetically strong, confident, and mentally well.

Life's too short not to look + feel your best.

The way you eat, think, and exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. We've changed thousands of lives with our amazing workouts, coaching (mental & Physical), and unique approach to nutrition and overall fitness. We can't wait to change yours! :)

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Who is this for?
This is for anyone that wants to be a part of a positive community that promotes the well being of your physical and mental health.
What if I miss a day?
Although we don't recommend it, it's totally fine if you miss a day. You'll have access to the previous workouts once you're inside of the app.
What should I expect on an average training day?
On an average day you can expect different forms of functional training. This training ranges from benchpress (barbell & dumbbells), lunges, pushups, shoulder press, cardio, ab work, etc.
How much communication will I get with the coach?
You will get as much coaching as you need from the coach. The beautiful part about the app is that it not only provide you with video tutorials of the exercises but you can also contact your coach via messenger on the app for speedy response.
Join Your Virtual Gym

When you join a team you’re getting more than programming, you’re joining an online community.

Norman Elite Training
Norman Elite Training
Norman Elite Training
Norman Elite Training