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Custom Programming, Functional Training, Mobility, Tactical, General Fitness
Arron Canfield

This is a custom program, based on your specific goals. It is tailored to your journey, whether you're just starting out, or a seasoned gym goar, let's connect and meet your fitness goals!

6 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Team Training
Not a cookie cutter program
Finding the right workout or program to follow can be hard. There are many factors to take into consideration. For example, where you are in your fitness journey, what your goals are, or your current level of physical fitness. All of these are just a few things to consider. That is why we avoid cookie-cutter programs. Not everyone benefits from the same training plan.
Your Schedule, Your body, Your goals
Everyone has things going on, work and home life. The benefit to a custom program is that it's built around your schedule and still able to meet your fitness goals
You won't be left hanging
Feedback provided via chat or video submissions. Weekly check-ins, but if you have questions, I have the answers. Reach out anytime and I will get back to you.
1:1 or as a team
Whether you're working on your own goals, or have teammates that are joining your journey.
Equipment will be based on what you have at your disposal // be it access to a gym or equipment you have at home. 
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Arron Canfield

Aaron is a professional firefighter, who has always had a passion for fitness and wellness. He has experience with building programs, teaching proper techniques, and helping people reach their fitness goals.

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When you join a team you’re getting more than programming, you’re joining an online community.

Canfield Wellness and Fitness
Canfield Wellness and Fitness
Canfield Wellness and Fitness
Canfield Wellness and Fitness