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Finally, Ladies have the chance to follow the exact programs we use at the Raise the Bar Gym in Melbourne, famous for building world-class Glutes and transforming bodies. If you want to burn fat while building your booty with NO cardio our monthly programs

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The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Stephanie

Steph dropped 5kg 💃

Verified Athlete

"" I cant believe how effective weight training is, I will never do cardio again hahahah""

verified-athlete-avatar Cindy

Cindy used our program to compete

Verified Athlete

""Only 12 weeks of the Booty & Burn program and I came 2nd in my first ever comp""

verified-athlete-avatar Youm

Post covid transformation

Verified Athlete

""So happy to finally lose weight, best part about it was NO cardio ahahah" " I used to kill myself with cardio and never got these results""

verified-athlete-avatar Chelsey

Chelsey was introduced to weights

Verified Athlete

""I never thought it was possible for me to transform until I started training with Raise the Bar""

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