Skaneateles Strength & Conditioning

Taylor Allen Flanick

Bodyweight Beast is designed for kids who want to weight train, but need direction and guidance to make sure they're progressing appropriately.

For the first 2 weeks of the program, the exercises are almost exclusively bodyweight only with the ability to add load if it's too easy performing bodyweight only movements.

This is perfect for the youngster who wants to learn how to train, but mom and dad don't want them to be left to their own devices.

It is also perfect for the coach who wants to start introducing the weight room to their team. It's a "general fitness" program that will improve strength, speed, endurance/stamina, power, and mobility.

You can push as hard or as easy as you want on this program.

It involves all of the foundational components to becoming a fast, strong, well-conditioned individual.

3 sessions per week
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Team Training
DumbbellsBarbellsBench or Box 50 yards of running spaceSled Battle Ropes
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Sample Week
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