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Project 927

Elizabeth Ruiz and Chelsey Yoder

Project 927 is now offering a recipe track called 927 Eats. Coach Biz & Coach Chelsey are passionate about nutrition and finding ways to make healthy food taste delicious! They provide 3 recipes a week, 12 meals a month - all with healthier alternatives likes gluten free, dairy free, low carb, & low sugar.

Healthy, Quick, & Easy
We share some favorite recipes, but with a twist - a healthy one! We are passionate about & love to create meals that nourish the body, taste amazing, & are quick & easy to make.
Fresh & Clean Ingredients
We use fresh product & cleaner ingredients in our recipes. Think whole foods versus processed foods. You can still make “sweet treats” like donuts, but without all that sugar. There are healthier alternatives you can use to make some of those family favorites you can’t go without!
Connect w/ the Cooks
The cooks (aka your coaches) will be available to connect with if you have recipe questions or suggestions!
Programming 3 days per week
We will provide 3 {healthy} recipes a week / 12 meals per month! PLUS, we will include 1-2 “specials” which may include a dessert or snack ;)
Committed Community
We LOVE our community of cooks here! You can give give encouragement & we can keep each other accountable as we strive to eat healthier!
Delivered through TrainHeroic
We want to help you on your health journey & food is a BIG part of that! We will strive to provide healthy, yummy, & easy meals for you & your family!
A kitchen :)
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Sample Week
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coach-avatar Elizabeth Ruiz

Coach Biz here & I am very passionate about making healthy meals taste good! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos after my Son was born, so I have had to adjust my diet drastically over the years to help me feel my best. With the help of my NP & her extensive knowledge on what foods fuel your body, plus my hours of research, I've created quite a few meals that not only taste good, but are good for you!

coach-avatar Chelsey Yoder

Coach Chels here! As a wellness coach for the last 3 years, I’ve loved coming alongside people & helping them learn better nutrition! It’s not just about weight loss, it’s about fueling your body w/ fresh & clean foods! I have a growing passion for better & healthier cooking - join me & let’s continue to learn together!

Food for Fuel

Come join us & make healthy food taste good again! It’s our passion to help people find staple meals that are quick & easy, that you’ll want to come back to again & again!

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What do I need?
A kitchen with the basics
Can I still have deserts?
Absolutely! We'll show you what ingredients help kick the sugar but keep the sweets!
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927 Eats
927 Eats
927 Eats
927 Eats