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Jason Jovovich | CPPS Masters

Welcome to Team 5 Star Strength!

Not sure where to start? Tired of going to the gym without a real plan?

I spent my entire career developing a system that boosts your strength and conditioning without beating up your joints in the process. Its efficient, effective and conveniently respects your time.

Our program has been built on 20 years training experience and over 12 years of coaching. 5 Star Strength & Conditioning is based in Philadelphia, PA and is now available to YOU anywhere in the world through TrainHeroic.

We believe that 5 Star is the standard and the real results will always speak for themselves. That's what our program is all about: RESULTS!

Results that won't neglect your movement quality, athleticism or body composition.

The training you're about to experience is the product of a proven training system developed in the trenches with THOUSANDS of athletes.

Our blueprint gives you the athleticism to back up the aesthetic.

Continuous year-round programming designed for strength, speed and a lean athletic body.

If you stick to the program, you'll get results that will have you coming back for more.

Join us and lets take your training to another level.

Move Like A Pro In The Gym
5 Star Strength delivers step-by-step workouts, from comprehensive warm-ups to fat-burning finishers, directly to your phone. Just open the TrainHeroic app and put in the work! You can go to the gym with confidence knowing EXACTLY what to do.
For The Love Of The Game
NEVER have I released a 5 Star Strength & Conditioning program to anyone other than my in-person coaching clients in Philadelphia, PA. Now, with TrainHeroic, this exclusive program is available to YOU all over the world for a much lower investment than in-person sessions.
24/7 On-Demand Access
As a member, you have complete on-demand access to your workouts, a massive exercise video index and feedback in the team chat.
Programming 4 days per week
Get access to daily programming 7-days a week, complete with warm-ups, workouts, cardio and mobility routines.
Smart Programming
Intelligently designed to help you move and feel better while building muscle and burning body fat.
Demo Videos
Every exercise selection has its own tutorial video demonstrating proper form and technique.
Detailed, Expert Instruction
A digital blueprint with step-by-step instructions for you to execute. Upload videos for form checks and get coached up by Jason every rep of the way.
Committed and Supportive Teammates
Even if you train by yourself at home or your local gym, you'll have teammates all around the world, working just as hard as you.
Delivered Through TrainHeroic
5 Star Strength & Conditioning brought to you by TrainHeroic, the best tech in training.
Barbells // Dumbbells // Kettlebells // Bands // Bench // Rack // Medicine Balls
Fully Equipped Gym
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Sample Week
I will write fresh programming weekly. You’ll get notifications when they’re ready
coach-avatar Jason Jovovich | CPPS Masters

Jason is the founder and owner of 5 Star Strength & Conditioning. For the past 12 years, Jason has been in the trenches training athletes. He's a results-driven coach passionate about progress and self improvement.



Get 5 Star Strength
What is Team 5 Star Strength?
Team 5 Star Strength is Jason Jovovich's first & ONLY ongoing monthly membership training platform featuring only the best, most innovative, effective and progressive programming each and every week to help you build a body that looks, feels and performs like an athlete without the injuries.
Is there coaching support in the Team 5 Star Strength app?
Yes! Every 5 Star Strength team member gets exclusive access to the in-app team chat to ask questions, upload videos and interact with coaches/team members. We'll cover nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and MORE.
What equipment will I need for Team 5 Star Strength workouts?
Team 5 Star Strength utilizes mostly basic equipment but can always be modified to whatever equipment you have access to. A fully equipped gym is ideal but a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, medicine balls, adjustable bench and a rack will get the job done.
How are Team 5 Star Strength workouts delivered each week?
Your 5 Star Strength program will be delivered each and every week directly to your phone through the TrainHeroic app. You'll get notified as the workouts are published a week in advance, complete with coaching instructions and demo videos so you'll always know what's coming and be prepared!
How many days a week are Team 5 Star Strength programs?
Most Team 5 Star Strength programs will be 4-days of strength training and 3-days of cardio/active recovery. However, if you can only train 3 days a week, you can simply go through the workouts in order and turn any 5SS program into a 3-day/week program.
How does the Team 5 Star Strength membership work?
Easy! Click the "Get 5 Star Strength" button above or the "Join Today!" button below to choose your membership option (monthly or annually). From there, you get instant access to your account on TrainHeroic, complete with this week's workouts, demo videos, info in the team chat and MORE!
Can I cancel my Team 5 Star Strength membership at any time?
Yes! You can cancel your membership at any time, easy in the app with no questions asked.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Evan Kilian

5 Star Strength Athlete

Verified Athlete

"When I began training with Coach J around 5 years ago, I immediately knew that I was going to get the results I wanted. Most importantly, Coach J helped shape me into the man I am today, and I will forever continue to learn and grow stronger with his mentorship. The results speak for themselves."

verified-athlete-avatar Larry Attaway

5 Star Strength Athlete

Verified Athlete

"Coach J has been the single most important person in my fitness journey, from his shoulder specialization workouts for my recovery to overall strength and size. I appreciate everything that he has done for me and can’t wait to continue growing with 5 Star Strength #5starforlife"

verified-athlete-avatar Sean Roehmild

5 Star Strength Athlete

Verified Athlete

"When I first started training freshman year of high school, I was doing it improperly without correct guidance. Until I met Coach J. No matter the circumstances, he was always there to help me get better, and he is the reason I'm as strong as I am now and why I'm in the position that I am in today."

verified-athlete-avatar James Bermudez

5 Star Strength Athlete

Verified Athlete

"Coach J really taught me the importance of recovery and "training like an athlete, not a body builder". He's given me results on and off the field. I credit him a huge part of my journey to collegiate football and the potential to play professionally. I'm living proof of the product he produces."

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5 Star Strength
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