Muscle Building: Training by Jeremie Mickens in TrainHeroic

100 Proficiency - Training Program

Jeremie Mickens

The muscle Building program is one super-practical guide to a beginner and intermediate program on muscle building. The program is a three-month (5-day) program; if there's no login in the next two days of purchasing, the client will remove you from the program with a refund. 

-Immediate access to the specified workout program for each day. The workouts are created and designed to build muscle, strengthen movement quality, correct moment deficiencies. 

-Prevent injury from occurring.

-Work on asymmetries

-Demonstration videos included 

-Bi-Monthly check-ins for weight and measurements 

-A Breakdown of understanding good nutrition concepts ideal for your body, no bs misinformation that's flooded throughout social media.

-Progress weekly - movement progression/volume progression will improve, as you will see in the program. 

-1-on-1 Call with coach weekly for feedback and updates 

The program is evidence-based, not know cookie-cutter bs; I'll provide you with a well-thought-out program while providing education that you can use on your terms. 

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Muscle Building
Muscle Building
Muscle Building