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Gymnastics (101)

This Program is Designed For People Who Need To Develop The Basic Skills And Drills To Eventually Get The Movements. *Where do I Even Start?. The Answer is Here. 

Each Sections Has a 3-5 Minute Video Of Explanations and Demos, Reps and Sets / How Too 

Movements Focus Includes 

- Muscle-Ups (Pull-Ups and Dips)

- Toes To Bar

-HSPU & HS-Walking 

-Core Work & Accessory Movements 

5 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Program Training
Rings // Pull-Up Bar // Wall Space (Abmat) Bands 
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 2-week program
Week 1 Day 1

Ring Muscle-Ups (101)


A: 4 Sets - 3 Strict L-Sit Pull-Ups - 5 Shoot Through to Pus-Ups - 50Ft Dragon Fly’s - 20 Second Dip Support Hold Rest As Needed B: Transition (Ring Drills) 3 Sets of 3 Each - Toe Nail Muscle-Ups - Hip Drive to Transition - Jumping To Transition w/Band - Negative Muscle Up to Hollow - Banded Transitions *3x3Reps Of Each 3 Sets of 3-5Reps - Ring Swings - Ice Cream Makers 10 Sets 3 Ring Muscle-Ups (Transitions & Dips) Videos Below

Week 1 Day 2

HSPU & Walks


A: 5 Sets - 5 Pike Box HSPU + 360 Pike Walk Around The Worlds - 5 Each Side (Hollow Roll To SuperMans) - 50Ft Stability Walks *Complete at a walking pace B: Hs-Walk Drills 5 Sets of 10 Shoulder Taps (Against Wall) Each Round Add a Plate to Walk on To Challenge walking Up A Plate. C: 3 Sets of 3 Reps (Each) - Tri Pod Roll To push Up - Negative Tripod Roll To Push ups - Negative Tempo (3-1-1-0) Kipping HSPU 15Minute Emom - 3-5 HSPU *At 10Minutes ADD 1 Rep Each Minute, If Complete next week add one rep across the 10Minutes.

Week 1 Day 3



Complete 3 Sets @Walking Pace 3 Sets 50Ft Dragon Flys 10 Bar Rollouts 5 Strict T2B B: : 3 Set (Kipping & Swings) 5 Hollow To Superman 5 Shoot Throughs 5 Lat active Hollow Swings (Knees to Elbow) C: 10Minute Emom 8 T2B *or Shoot Throughs / Hollow To Super man Swings

Gymnastics Program: Week 1 Day 4

Handstand Push-ups Drills


A. 3 sets - 5-8 Pike Box Hspu - 3 Tri-pod headstand (against wall) - 3 Tri-pod headstand roll push-up - 3 negative hspu roll to push-ups 25Ft Stability Walk (OVERHEAD) B. 10 set - 5 HSPU *Elite Deficit , RX HSPU Kipping, INT Negative Tripods , NEG Pike BOX HSPU or C: 5 Sets of 50Ft HS-Walk *PVC Pipe Walks /Plate Walks or Shoulder Taps 11 Taps = 25FT Walk (10 Sets of 11 Steps)

Gymnastics Program: Week 1 Day 5

Pull-Ups & BarMuscle-Up


5 Sets 3-5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Hollow Rocks w/Pvc Pipe 10 Super Swimmers w.2/5 5 Sets of Each 3 hollow to Superman 3 Hollow to Superman Big Lats 3 “Kipping Pullups 3 butterFly (Hollow / Pull To Superman) 3 Ice Cream Makers Complete 5 Sets of each. This Video is a description of Each and how to start. 10 sets of 3 BarMuscle-Ups or Banded Transitions

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Former football player (NFL/CFL/Arena Football) and Track and Field (Decathlon) College athlete Turned Crossfit athlete and coach. NFPT Cert + Crossfit Level Certs + Nutrition. 4x Crossfit Regional Athlete + Started Crossfit in 2011.

Gymnastics Program