Beginner Hybrid Race Training Plan

Hybrid Richey (Hyrox Athlete)

Nathan Richey and Marissa Richey

If you love running, lifting, and functional fitness movements, AND/OR have an upcoming Hybrid race such as a HYROX, DekaFit then we have the perfect plan for you! This 16 week plan will get you to the finish line looking fit and feeling strong.

-This plan follows a 7 day training cycle with roughly 4 hard workouts, 2 active recovery “easy” days, and one day off.

-This Training plan is designed for people who already meet one of the three following pacing guides:

  • 5k running time: 30+ minutes (Male), 33+ minutes (Female)
  • 10k running time: 60+ minutes (Male), 63+ minutes (Female)
  • Or, if you can run for at least 20-30 minutes straight (any pace).

Is this plan not your perfect fit? Try: INTERMEDIATE BUNDLE PLAN

If you need a well-thought out intentionally designed plan to take your fitness or finish time to the next level, but want to continue working out with the flexibility of your own schedule, this is a perfect fit. PLUS, if you need any help along the way we are committed to answering any questions. Don’t hesitate to email us! It’s the hybrid of one-on-one coaching and training on your own.

Science Based Training Variety
-Workouts designed based on the following genres/modalities of fitness: Threshold work (Speed training, compromised running), Endurance Aerobic Training (Engine builder), Cross-Training (Easy non-running), Active Recovery Runs (Zone 2 “easy” runs), Muscular Strength (Lower reps, heavier weights)
Curated for Competition
Movements and weight selections that are chosen in order to best prepare you for a hyrox race. This includes the actual hyrox movements as well as supplemental movements to help build capacity. A Strategic running plan is intertwined within the plan in order to increase your speed and stamina as a runner specifically to perform well in a compromised running setting.
Convenient with Quality
If you need a well-thought out intentionally designed plan to take your fitness or finish time to the next level, but want to continue working out with the flexibility of your own schedule, this is a perfect fit. PLUS, if you need any help along the way we are committed to answering any questions. Don’t hesitate to email us! It’s the hybrid of one-on-one coaching and training on your own.
Access to your coaches
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow, train, and perform to the best of your ability.
Programming 7 days per week
Engine building, strength building and skills training tailored to your fitness level. Take the "guess" out of your training, and podium your race!
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy (offered for some movements)
Detailed, expert instruction
includes access to a detailed HYROX race guide. Providing important tips and tricks to fine tune your fitness and perfect your "skill" for the race.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
Utilize an easy to follow app! Your coaches and team will push you harder, know you better, and keep you going longer, all through an app.
Rower // Ski Erg // Dumbells // wall ball // bench // TRX Straps
Sled // Stationary Bike // Pull Up Bar // barbell // treadmill // kettlebells
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 16-week program
Week 1 Day 1: Conditioning (Easy Run)


Active Recovery

1 x 40:00

Week 1 Day 2 HYROX PFT (Circuit)

Warm Up


Warm Up - AMRAP 7mins -10 Cal Ski Erg or Row -10 Squats w/ T-Spine Rotation -10 Ring Rows (or TRX low rows) -10 Reverse Lunges w/ twist (total) -10 Push Up on knees



10min easy jog (Keep it easy. This is part of your warm up for the Hyrox PFT)

Hyrox PFT


Hyrox PFT 1000m Run 50 Burpee Broad Jumps (make 2 lines 90cm apart to jump over & turn around for next rep) 100 Stationary Lunges (full extension) 1000m Row 30 Push Up (Hand Release) 100 Wall Balls (6kg/4kg)



Core Finisher - 2 Rounds 20 v-ups 20 Russian Twists

Week 1 Day 3: Running Intervals (Threshold Work)



8 x 2:00


Core Finisher

4 x 0:30

Week 1 Day 4: REST DAY (Recovery)


Recovery Day

Week 1 Day 5: Body Weight/Machines (Engine Builder)



Circuit Warm Up

Warm Up -3mins easy Row/Bike -20 Squats -10 Cossack Lunges -10 Box Step Ups (easy pace) -Stretch

Engine Builder


Workout: 35mins 500m Row @ Hyrox Pace -rest 60sec- 500m Ski Erg @ Hyrox Pace -rest 60sec- 40m Burpee Broad Jumps -rest 60sec-

Week 1 Day 6: Easy Bike/Stability (Cross-Training)



1 x 50:00

Stability Strength


Repeat for 7 mins: 10 TRX S/A High Row 10 TRX Aligators 10 TRX Pistol Squats 10 High Plank Drag 10 Push Ups (Can modify on your knees as needed)

Week 1 Day 7: Half Hyrox Simulation (Engine Builder)

Half Hyrox (Engine Builder)


Half Hyrox Simulation - Do half of all the workout stations and run 500m instead of 1km : 500m Run 500m Ski Erg 500m Run 25m Sled Push (Hyrox Weight) 500m Run 25m Sled Pull (Hyrox Weight) 40m Burpee Broad Jumps 500m Run 500m Row 500m Run 100m Farmer's Carry (Hyrox Weight) 500m Run 50m Walking Lunges (Hyrox Weight) 500m Run 50 Wall Balls (hyrox height + Weight) OR 45 min Long Run @ heart rate zone 2 or 3 ...if you choose to run... Option 1: run at a pace the same or slower than your easy run pace earlier this week. Try to run consistently at that pace the entire run. Option 2: run for 5mins, walk for 3min, repeat X4

coach-avatar Nathan Richey

As a former cross-country/Track Athlete I have become a student of running science and training methodologies. Since finishing my career as a runner, I have fallen in love with Hybrid training. Combining aerobic engine work and muscular endurance strength has led me to over 5 podium HYROX finishes, and a top 5 HYROX World Championship finish. I coach with passion, because this is my passion.

coach-avatar Marissa Richey

With 3 years of personal and group fitness training experiences and the holder of many elite running and rowing times, I love pushing my limits. With both a background in education and fitness my heart and passion is unwavering: I desire to empower individuals with knowledge and tools to unlock their full potential. Crafting clear, quality fitness regimes that align with goals is my specialty.


We believe athletes can be both STRONG and FAST. Our training intention is always to get faster without losing strength, and get stronger without losing speed. We have curated the perfect training blend to produce legit hybrid athletes who can do it all.

Get Beginner Hybrid Race Training Plan
How many hours of training a week?
This training plan will naturally increase in volume, in the lowest volume of training is 4.5hrs with the highest volume being 5.6hrs. Our philosophy is quality sessions, so that you can train like an athlete without sacrificing other important life priorities.
Is this plan for me?
We have 3 different leveled plans, each of them are designed to meet the athlete where they are and bring them to a place of greater fitness. Check the description section of the plan to match your personal 5k/10k records with the correct plan.
What if I Need a Modification?
If there is a specific gym equipment or nagging injury that leaves you unable to do certain movements, we committed to giving you modifications that make sense for the intention of the workout. Don't hesitate to reach out! We will respond in less that 24 hours guaranteed.
The Proof
verified-athlete-avatar Josh

Verified Hybrid Richey Athlete

Verified Athlete

"" I really enjoyed completing a 16 week Hybrid Richey HYROX training plan. Cannot wait for a year round subscription program so I can utilize their training all year round."

verified-athlete-avatar Alvaro

Verified Hybrid Richey Athlete

Verified Athlete

""There are spectacular training sessions that are extremely well thought out. Hybrid Richey Training plans are simply Spectacular! I cannot express enough thanks to Hybrid Richey, they are phenomenon!"

Beginner Hybrid Race Training Plan