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Elisabeth Oehler

This is a 6-week weightlifting technique program with 3 sessions per week, that you can add to any other fitness or strength program. Intensities don´t really matter in this program. There will be 2 longer intro videos about the technique model, that I follow for the Snatch and C&J. I will give you some input what key aspects I´m looking for in the lifts. Just to be clear from the beginning, there is no ideal technique model for the Olympic lifts. Technique is dependent on the anthropometric characteristics and physical abilities of an athlete, but there are key aspects and principles that apply to the average athlete! I want to show you in this program how to self-assess your lifts and work on technique when you are on your own. The structure is pretty simple and you will get 6 weeks of technique drills to work on your positioning and the main technical aspects. All you need is a barbell and plates, a phone to record yourself and some motivation to actually improve your technique. The program does not replace an actual coach and is not aimed for bloody beginners, but it should give you some more competence to understand the lifts and how to work on your technique yourself.

The program follows a simple technique model (adapted from German Weightlifting) and gives you cues for all phases of the Olympic lifts. There is a video tutorial for every exercise you´ll do throughout the program, as well as an in-depth intro for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You should understand where your body and the barbell have to be in each phase of the lifts.
In this program, you should record yourself and try to see on video if you hit the positions as described in the video tutorials. It´s 6 weeks of really focusing on your weightlifting technique.
Better understanding of the lifts and more competence leads to more confidence to lift heavy. This program should give you more confidence to "dive under heavier loads" and smash some big weights!
Access to your coaches
Coaches will provide the feedback and tell you what to focus on during the program.
Programming 3 days per week
The program consists of 3 sessions (20-30 min) technique work per week that can be added to any other strength program.
Exercise Video Guidance
There are instructional videos by Elisabeth and a long intro explaining the technique model and every exercise of the program.
Detailed, expert instruction
Elisabeth is a licenced weightlifting coach. The instruction videos are very detailed and based on her experience working with various weightlifters
Delivered through TrainHeroic
You will have access to the program, your coach and all the videos through the TrainHeroic app.
Barbell // Plates
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 6-week program


Snatch (L)

For Completion


Clean & Jerk (L)

For Completion

Learn to Lift 1.1


Drop Snatch (L)

4, 4, 3, 3 @ 30, 40, 50, 50 %


Hang Clean Pulls (Pos. 2, 3)

4 x 4 @ 40, 45, 50, 55 %


Paused Push Press

3 x 4 @ 40, 45, 50 %

Learn to Lift 1.2


Hang Snatch Pull (Pos. 2,3)

4 x 4 @ 40, 45, 45, 50 %


Hang Power Clean (Pos. 3)

4 x 3 @ 40, 40, 45, 50 %


Split Press (L)

3 x 6 @ 30 %

Learn to Lift 1.3


Hang Power Snatch (Pos. 3)

3 x 4 @ 40 %


Paused Clean Pulls (Pos. 1,2,3,+)

4 x 3 @ 50 %


Behind the Neck Push Jerk + Split Jerk

3 x 4 @ 30 %

coach-avatar Elisabeth Oehler

Elisabeth is a qualified weightlifting and strength & conditioning coach. She has a Sports Science degree and currently completing a MSc program in Sport Coaching. From 2017-2020 she worked full-time for German Weightlifting and is licensed for "Weightlifting High-Performance" by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB A-Licence). She has worked with rugby, basketball, soccer and cycling.

Learn to Lift and have fun!

Technique is key. Let´s work on the Snatch and C&J because it´s pretty dope to lift heavy things overhead!

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What´s the goal of this program?
The program is about technique work for the Olympic lifts and can be added to any fitness/strength program. It should give you guidance for working on your weightlifting technique yourself. It´s ideal for lifters, who don´t have access to a coach regularly, but want to improve in the Olympic lifts.
How long is a session and can I add it to my strength program?
A session of this program should not take longer than 20-30 min and can be done before a normal gym session. It´s just technique work, no intensities. It´s in the 40-65% range.
I have never done the Olympic lifts, is this for me?
This program is for novice lifters, but it´s NOT a program to teach you the Olympic lifts from scratch. You should have lifted a barbell overhead a couple of times and understand the movement a little bit.
How much coaching will I receive?
I will answer questions about the program and give advice. I give short technique feedback, but it´s not an individualized 1:1 coaching. If you´re interested in a video technique review over Zoom, you can check out my website.
Can I use this program as a competition prep?
No. It´s not suitable for that.
I´m an athlete in a team sport, can I do this program?
Yes!! If you´re an athlete and your olympic lifting technique sucks, but you want to work on it during off-season, then this is for you! Don´t do this during pre-season or in-season.
Learn to Lift