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Stephen Mooney

No shortcuts, no hacks, no teas, no wraps, and no cheating. This is the Hard Way Fitness.

We revel in the challenge of balancing a busy job, family and keeping fit. Why? Because it’s hard and if you can do it successfully it’s a huge achievement as it shows discipline, commitment, and incredible resolve.

Instead of looking for a hack to try and trick your way through the work, take an analytical and logical approach, set a plan in motion, test it relentlessly and when it’s ready, lock it in for a cycle of 6-8 weeks and commit to completing it no matter what.

Understanding you, your needs, your circumstances, and your goals before you start a program is infinitely more important than deciding your training exercises, why? Because it doesn’t matter if you prefer to box, goblet, hack, split or pause squat, if you can’t do it consistently in the environment you face week-to-week then it’s never going to last, it’s not going to be effective, and you won’t keep it up.

Many of us are reluctant to fail these days and a lot of it has to do with the ‘quick fix’ mentality touted with a lot of products. People buy into finding plans with quicker fixes and tricks and put tremendous pressure on themselves to complete these plans so that we can have the body of a Greek god in for instance 90 days as promised on the packaging, mostly ignoring the facts that if you haven’t managed your health and fitness for years there’s simply no way to reverse that in 90 days.

The mental anguish caused by this type of pressurised cycle of start, fail, restart takes its toll on your resilience and verve.

5 things for you to think about as you start this program:

Accept where you are today and accept you must change;

Focus on the ‘Now’ and put your energy into a new approach;

Baptise your new approach in fire, test it, break it, and refine it;

Acknowledge you haven’t done what you needed to do before; and

‘Cut the fat’, keep what works, and discard what is ineffective.

This is where it starts, this is where you fight your indiscipline, your demons and this is where you say no more taking the easy way out.

You are now part of the Hard Way Fitness community; you’re never alone and always will be one of us.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Mooney

Owner & Head Coach the Hard Way Fitness

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I help people get the body they want in the time they have. We do what we can, with what we have and where ever we are. My business is the Hard the Way Fitness. If you want to see what you are capable of, check us out and commit to greatness.

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