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Max Kelly-Gee

If you want to become a more explosive, powerful athlete then this program is what you've been looking for.

SJL combines the disciplines of Track and Field, Olympic Weightlifting, Weighted Calisthenics and Vertical Jump Training to create a unique style of athletic training aimed at enhancing your explosive athletic capabilities in a variety of contexts.

This program is for you if you value being a generally more robust, explosive and athletic human being. Maybe you want to jump higher to dunk a basketball, or run faster to explode past tackles in rugby or want to feel the accomplishment of throwing heavier and heavier weight over your head. Your motivation for training isn't aesthetics or a simply a bigger squat, bench and deadlift. You want to be a freakishly explosive athlete, you want every ounce of your body mass to be fine tuned for elite performance.

But you also don't really know where to start.

Start here.

Sprint faster
There is no stimulus on the human body quite like maximal effort sprinting. SJL will build your capacity for acceleration and top speed sprinting in a variety of contexts, making you into a more explosive athlete.
Jump higher. Jump better.
Build your capacity and technique to jump in different contexts. SJL improves your jumping ability not only through making you relatively more powerful for your bodyweight, but also by drilling the skill of efficient jumping mechanics so that you can express your power most effectively.
Lift heavier
You'll get stronger relative to your body mass, more resilient to injury and capable of moving explosively and efficiently with heavy weight.
Programming 7 days per week
Flexible programming that allows you to make the workouts fit your lifestyle and schedule.
Exercise Video Guidance
In depth form videos to guide your practice and make execution easy.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
The Train Heroic app is simple and easy to use and provides useful data about your workouts and recovery to get the most out of your training.
Standard Equipped Weightroom/Gym // Open Space/Athletics Track
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 13-week program
coach-avatar Max Kelly-Gee

Athlete and S&C Coach Using the disciplines of sprinting, weightlifting, jump training and calisthenics to express powerful full body explosive athleticism and inspiring others to do the same. Over a decade of training experience and half a decade of coaching experience.

Your athletic potential is waiting

Get started on your journey to becoming the most explosive and powerful athlete you can be now.

Get Sprint, Jump, Lift
How many weeks is the program?
12 weeks, but you can extend and repeat specific blocks within the program via the TrainHeroic calendar app if need be.
Do I need olympic weightlifting experience to do this program?
Basic knowledge and physical literacy of the weightlifting movements is recommended, but not essential, there are suggested and or simplified alternatives to any weightroom movement.
How many sessions per week is the program?
There are up to 7 programmed sessions in any week, but you have the ultimate control of what day those sessions are and some of the sessions can easily be paired on the same day for efficieny (i.e. upper body sessions and plyometric sessions)
What periodisation model does this program use?
SJL is structured using a daily undulating concurrent model. Your daily workouts will have vary in type, volumes and intensity to target and develop multiple different qualities at the same time. Every 2-4 weeks the training block (exercise selection/emphasis) varies to prevent stagnation.
Sprint, Jump, Lift