Super Semi Pro

William James

Follow along with my preparation for the ELF season. This program is designed for myself mainly but I am sharing my prep to help out other skill players or whoever wants to take part of it. 

This program assumes you're in shape already. If you are not in any type of shape now you have not been actively training for the past 2-3 months, then either switch to a different program before you go to this one. Or hop on now but start way easier than prescribed.

This program will use what is known as supramaximal training. This is essentially using weights that are heavier than you can handle. Make sure that you already have sound technique and plenty of experience lifting heavy weights before giving these a crack. 

6 sessions per week
Must use App app to view and log training
Program Training
What is this
Using my own experience from over 15+ years as an athlete I've now decided to make my training public to help others out. This allows you to show up and focus on training without having to do any of the thinking. The program will help you become the best player that you deserve to be out there.
How do I do this
Simply join the team. I will upload my training continuously. All you have to do is to put in the work and be a part of the community.
Why do I need this?
This made for for the skill position athlete in football. In Europe we have a solid 6 month off-season. A lot of guys don't know how or what to train. I made it my mission to solve that issue for ambitious athletes that want to give themselves the best chance to dominate.
Outwork your opponent
This program involves short training sessions and higher frequency. This means more reps in the long run to outwork your opponent while using smart programming to avoid injury.
Join now
And get better with me. You'll have access to me through the TrainHeroic app if there are any questions on technique, drills or general feedback!
Access to your coaches
Coaches who will hold you accountable and provide the feedback you need to grow
Programming 6 days per week
Daily strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for athletes of any level or background
Exercise Video Guidance
Instructional videos to guide your practice and make execution easy
Detailed, expert instruction
Whenever you're confused hit me up and I will help you.
Delivered through TrainHeroic
All done through the TrainHeroic app so you can keep the entire program with you at all times.
You will needA lot of weight platsBarbellDumbbells or kettlebellsA place to do hill sprints (yes you can do them outside // its what I do year around) A place to do regular sprints (yes // asphalt is fine)
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Sample Week
Week 1 of 12-week program
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See what it's like dedicating your life to a craft in a fun and balanced training program.

Get Advanced DB Pre Season Prep 12 Weeks
Who is this for?
If you are ready to take your training to the next level and get out of your comfort zone. This program is for you.
How do I know if I am ready?
If you've been staying in shape from the previous seasons you are ready to jump right in. Just adjust the intensity to make sure you gradually catch up.
Advanced DB Pre Season Prep 12 Weeks